Dear Verizon

Dear Verizon,

Your employee is misrepresenting your product.

I’m a nurse and I take pride and joy in my job. I care for people and can tell you it matters not their name, class, color of skin, political stance (please keep one that to yourself), opinion of women, past karmic mishaps, or if they even pay their bill. I’ve taken care of your neighbor, your mother, your child, your first grade teacher who held your hand and you never forgot as well as all of your employees. I answer your call bell when you can’t muster the energy to call on even the closest person to your heart. When I say I’ll come back as soon as I can you can believe me and you do because you were in pain and we remember times as these. You remember the time I kept the lights off when the orders said to check your vital signs every hour and that’s the only added comfort and customer service I could offer. Actually I brought in a cool wash cloth because your temperature was out the roof. Oh and I went all over the hospital to find that tiny white styrofoam cup of chocolate ice cream cause you said it was all you could eat. That’s right I also called your daughter on the west coast because nobody would call and update her as to how you were doing.

When I asked your ‘GoVerizon’customer service representative to help me because I knew I was about to lose my job (not my fault but not this topic either) soon and finances needed to be within strong boundaries and emphasized my complete lack of knowledge or desire to understand the cell service choices and could she help me she said she sure could. Not a soul was in the store and I believed my request to be clear. No money soon. Ms Piddle set me up with the one thing that would certainly bring me pain and anguish once the bill tripled and the stress on my organs took hold. I know the importance of keeping these little guys happy and you’ve upset my apple cart in this situation and I’m asking for your reply to one question:

I’m doing my job, are you?


Nurse Pam


today we relocated the mice

Working in the camp infirmary this summer I told the maintenance man I had mice. He gave me a mouse trap. I decided I’d just live in harmony w the few mice I saw in the dark of the night as the thought of setting a single trap was something I wasn’t gonna do. I just asked them to run along if I spotted one. I felt we had a pact of sorts. ┬áMy little dog was in my frame of mind as well …. she wouldn’t even chase em. I have learned a bit about the white footed mouse in that it carries Lyme disease (via ticks) so I do have an added respect the physical discomfort/disease they can play a part in.

Here I am again. In their home yet a bit farther out in the woods. Those little creatures look for any kind of warm spot (under mattresses for starters) to hunker down for the winter. So we moved the mattresses. 80 of em. The students coming up from the city to sleep in the little huts this fall will have a bit less cush and a lot less tiny creature feet scurrying around. Last fall we learned it really freaks a city kid out to have something chewing under their pillow/bed (in screened huts). I don’t blame em. That’s a memory I don’t want.

I tend to learn from my job things I’d never thought of ….. and this go round w the mice it’s ‘dryer sheets’ (Bounce) …. mice hate em. Think you have a mouse and don’t wanna set a trap? Grab a box of ‘Bounce’ and place em in corners of the room and the mice will simply go elsewhere.