3 good things

…..homesick? ….afraid of taking the next step?…anxious?…..there is a cure 💜


I’ve found _____ as a direct result of being a nurse

Lately it’s camper kinds of stuff. Cute stories. Funny comments. Touching moments. By summers end I’ll have said something to at least 500+ campers. I’ll have encouraged some to ‘go play!’ and others to slow down and ‘take a nap’ in the infirmary for a little bit. I’ve heard the cutest comments about my little dog, Chica. She weighs about 8 lbs and thinks the chair behind my desk is actually her dog bed. ‘Is that real?’ ‘Is it yours?’ ‘How does it get food?’Is that a cat?’

Walking around the dining hall full of about 135 kids (plus 70 counselors) I saw a male counselor point to a tearful camper at the beginning of one encampment. I went over and bent down to see if there was anything wrong with the tiny 8 year old boy. He gracefully stood up and grabbed me around my neck as he cried into my shoulder. The dining hall noise faded away as this little boy’s homesick heart connected with the mother in me. He spoke little English but it was clear he missed his mom. After a short cry he went back to his seat and finished his meal. I didn’t need to see him anymore the entire encampment but continued to keep my eye on him from afar. Really sweet and touching to see us human beings grow up each in our own way … and camp is a good place to try life out.