I’m a native Atlantan who raised my daughter in Asheville, NC and now live in Manitou Springs, CO. I’ve worked seasonally all over the USA and traveled in-between seeking nature moments in wilderness settings often just off the beaten trail or other worldly distraction. Manitou stood out as special and I didn’t know why until after living here for 6 months, experiencing the community and wilderness fringe.

My life is crazy just like everybody else on this planet. Toss in a colorful, somewhat of a disillusion to comprehend President of the United States, a job mishap and I feel I’m in the exact right place in time. Manitou Springs Colorado where locals are welcoming, homeless are fed, and we all hike the same trails. The speed limit is 20mph as the town is a walking town with trailheads to Williams Canyon Waterfalls, Manitou Incline, and more.

This area was frequented for the 7 mineral springs found round town. Photo’s of Chief Manitou and Chief Ute beside some pointing out the plethora of mineral content found in each and other historical facts. Being a nurse I was taken by the old lemonade stand at the Iron Spring and the fact of citrus mixed with iron making it more absorbent in the body. Cool stuff. Beautiful place.


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