Day 1 of year 2017

Yay I started my year in Colorado! Opened Instagram and was thinking of my ‘best 9’ photos. A year of road miles, laps around the USA. Flashes of my favorite wilderness sites, where thousands of sand hill cranes flew in around sunset and white geese swarmed mesmerizing me as Chica and Jolien watched from the Kia Sportage window.

Time stood still in those moments more so than others as the quiet was everywhere and civilization nowhere in site. I had 4 months off and nowhere to be but lots of places to not go. Knowing that and discovering affordable living on the road equaled the adventure of a girls lifetime. Mine.

No one knows the miles nor the time nor the true places I sought. I wasn’t clear what I was seeking but the 3 years prior called for self reflection at the least and total surrender at best. I took the both on the road and found inner peace and a permanent home in my heart. I’d been able to embrace homelessness as it came to me with open arms. I’d just finished a ‘Helpx’ (work in exchange for room and board) 3 week stay in Ragley Louisiana. Using Walmart free wifi and taking photos of the southern swampy environment when I spotted a cardboard homemade sign. ‘Help! I’m homeless’

……..I identified immediately. And the help I found was inside me all along. My spiritual connection. If I just listen I will be guided along the way even if I have no plan no destination no home no family no friends no job ……

I always had my angels around me. My little dog Chica. My puppy Jolene. And later after Jolene died we acquired Moon our sweet ferocious sounding bluenosepit from the Bronx. And all the the other angels my eyes don’t see but my heart does.

Thank you. I promise to keep listening and know each gift is in the moment.imageimageimage


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