Nurses use agency’s …more so visa versa

2 weeks before Christmas this year I’ll become unemployed. Again. I’m getting fired. But not for doing a fantastic job. Everybody loves me. It’s because I signed a ‘contract’ with an agency, Procare Therapy. When they first contacted me I emphatically stated to every ear I would only accept a contract if it were for the entire school year. They were in a pickle as one of their school systems needed a nurse ASAP but only until Thanksgiving. So Procare Therapy drew up a ‘contract’ stating I’d be employed until the end of the school year. May 2017.

I’ve actually been granted a few more weeks as I covered the middle school’s while she trained for the position. I continued to do all the things needed to care for and care over students as I’d been hired to do. All the while combing over how this could happen ……..again! I’d done a really good job jumping in after the school year began and never been a school nurse to boot. Procare Therapy held my hand while I stressed. I’d thought the school system was to blame for my being suddenly replaced by a (cheaper) permanent placement. I decided to ask an outside source. An employment lawyer.

They just might break Colorado’s ‘luring’ statute C.R.S. 8-2-104 among other things. I know that now because my lawyer said so. They also could brake 5 other laws. We told them last week. 9 days before they plan to roll over all those agreements I thought we had.

They now have 4 days to find me a replacement position. It didn’t seem to bother them I’d be unemployed 2 weeks before Christmas, until my lawyer sent them a lengthy email in my respect. I’m pretty sure they haven’t worried about the lease I signed for the adorably furnished rental …..through the end of the school year. It’s so comphy. My 2 dogs love it. For now. Fit’s my budget. Until I don’t have one.

In 4 days I’ll either have a new job or my lawyer will have one.



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