Drug testing 

When I was an occupational health nurse I had to drug test new hires, employees accidents, and any ‘suspicious’ situations. As with most of my opinions over time I grew to question and eventually disapprove of drug testing altogether. My ex-husband used to say ‘stupid people shouldn’t do drugs.’ My point is more around what right do you have to know what I or anyone else decides to put in their body?  It’s used to fire people. I’ve seen it. It can be used as a twisted sense of power when the boss calls for it. Those who get wind of the ‘random’ drug tests have the means to mask their privacy and the truth. The ones with mental illness and others who hide behind their doctors get a free pass because some other human signed a paper saying they ‘need’it. Others just drink alcohol and are ‘ok’ with that poison as society is happily illusioned of its baffling power. Arguably no one wants their pilot high on substances….but camp counselors? Really? 3 weeks into a more than full time job managing campers 24/7 and keep in mind counselors get very little pay in return for their efforts and time. AND in this case…..it’s in Colorado for heavens sake! It just seems sometimes there’s more to the story. Luckily this time I wasn’t asked to do the testing. It didn’t feel legal (the tests used and the way it was handled)nor did it seem appropriate given the scenario. I didn’t want any part of it for my own reasons. The biggest being an experience I had back at the lumber plant where I was the nurse. Some drama there lead to a single mom being singled out to be the target in question. The workers had ‘noticed strange behavior.’ My side note here being if I had to work in those jobs I’d create some drama just for a bit of change! But they claimed it was pills. She had worked there 8 years. Was a supervisor. Had 2 teenage daughters. She tested positive for marijuana…..NOT the pills the drama claimed. Regardless,she lost her job. Couldn’t make ends meet anymore as the only job she could get was at the local Burger King. I offered to pay her to walk my dogs. But it was the end of her world……..She hung herself……They called me while she was still stuck on the bridge. It was devastating to me. Not believing in the real purpose of it all in the first place as well as having my hand it it all……She left 2 teenagers motherless…….. I went to the funeral, no other ‘management’ came. 


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