Special needs people have courage few understand 

“I wanna go swimming!’ She whines in the high pitched voice only mimicked best on Saturday Night Live skit. Then comes ‘you can’t keep me down here forever I wanna go to my dorm!’ The still sleepy red headed 20 something year old  counselor patiently explains there are several other (blind deaf mix) campers who have to first gather their sleeping bags and stuff from the sleep over they had down in the lodge last eve…. then breakfast (and morning medications) ….then the day trip to the mountain lake park. Sleeping in the 2 huge cool tepees in the meadow is not favorable to the staff so they ‘camp out’ on the floor down in the huge cathedral ceiling lodge of the Lions Camp watching Disney movies and eating popcorn. Campers range from 18 to 74. I’ve often imagined my mom sleeping on one of those little floor pads and know her body wouldn’t sleep well and she’s more fit than most of this bunch. Male and female. The complainer lady I mentioned is 57, this is her 8th year here. Another has been coming for the last 20.

Each nursing experience brings me a new awareness of the debth of the human heart the soul of humanity. It’s loving and joyful amongst difficult circumstances and health playing a part naturally due to my profession. I always wonder how I would do if I were in the patients spot. I always think how the mom must feel since I consider myself a mom first and nurse second. This go round the moments are tough to choose to share as there are many already and it’s just week 3 at camp.

I watch blind folks shoot water guns at each other. This weeks talent show included a Jonny Cash song as well as Alicia Keys. I wonder if music artists realize their impact. Many a Lion King song is sung and costumes to boot. It’s quite an event and has yet to not bring a tear to my eyes. Moms,you’d be proud. Everybody else…you’d be touched and quite possibly forever changed.


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