Love….you’re not alone

Been on the road for 2 months traveling …NY -Asheville NC- Hoenwald TN – Woodland Park CO – Roswell NM – Ragley LA – Silver Springs MD ….and everywhere in between. Having several months off has granted me this opportunity and I took it. The beauty of this countryside has simply taken my breath away. I worked on ‘farms’ thru Help-x a site where one can work in exchange for room and board. My past experience with life and in particular private duty nursing prepared me to gracefully enter others life without judgement and hold honor for each welcoming dorr opened to me along the way.

I traveled alone with my little dog…….drove lots of miles……  watched sunsets come and go……..met nice people around every corner……and had angels guide my every move…..I’ll write more about the experiences but all I wanna say now is ….. I never felt lonely as love is everywhere ….you simply have to open your heart and allow it to come. Priceless gift no dollar can buy.imageimage


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