oh, that would be today

I decided to do this ‘Helpx’ thing where I go to homes/farms and help in exchange for room and board. I call it work and it’s turning out to be interesting to immerse myself in someone’s life who I’ve not met before and more interesting who/where it all takes me. I’m happy to have the time and it’s directly related to being a nurse … a seasonal nurse (NYC Outwardbound)… a camp nurse (Kawaga, Fresh Air)…. cause one season many wanna NOT be out in is the winter. Never heard of a bunch of kids getting excited to go to cold winter camp! Often heard the students from the NYC school system whine about the cold wet weather found out in the woods we took em to for ‘crew’ (Expeditionary Learning – google it). There are exceptions …. like the 14 yr old chubby boy I met on the trail last October who had twisted his ankle and needed more medical attention (me). He was so cute. The leaves were still falling, floating actually, as the wind blew through the trees. He rested on a yoga mat I had in my car … arms behind his head … a gleam in his eyes …his foot propped up for a little relief … a cold pack on the ankle … a wrap around the somewhat swollen injury…. he stated ‘I feel like I’ve stepped into a dream. This is so much fun.’ Not a complaint about his achy ankle. Just a good attitude. He’d never slept in the woods before. From inner city NY and a somewhat troubled childhood he went on to tell me why he had such a good attitude. He said ‘when I was younger I had anger problems. (I’m thinking ‘me too’) My mom had a 3 hour talk with me (he was 10 when this happened) and I really heard her from my heart. Now I just take life lightly.’ All the while I’m sitting there listening to this very young boy in pure amazement. I was touched. I was gifted. He seizes every day … not just today.



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