….. fall in my path

Since I work ‘seasonally’ and that season is coming to an end on my time off this winter I decided to ‘work in exchange for room and board’ which is turning out to be quite interesting even before it begins. I thought it would just be random farms and it’s turning out to be spiritually based places past present future tense depending on the situation. I ‘chose’ them due to proximity and or looks like a place I wanna visit (the one in Canada).

The first I’ll see in 2 weeks. It’s a couple on their ‘first calling’ who’ve been given a parsonage for the Lutheran church they now guide about 1 1/2 hours just west of Fishkill, NY. When we last spoke she said ‘Ok I’ll have lunch ready when you arrive!’ I”m happy already. Next is a woman outside of DC (again 1 1/2 hours) who bought a 100+ yr old church several years ago just to renovate as it was near her father who has since passed. She’d wanted to sell it but something kept telling her to stay put so she ‘Airbnb’s’ it and wants me to help get yet another room in order for that reason. I’ll be there for 2 weeks. Yet another actually contacted me (I did the initial reach out but then forgot all about her) from Ontario CA. Ends up she is a holistic healer and certified midwife. She runs her wellness business from her home. I’ll start seedlings and make herbal stuff etc ….

Things seem to fall into my path …… so the journey continues.


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