pay it forward …. it’ll brighten someones heart

My job in NY includes what all NY-ers are all to familiar with ….. tolls. Being a southerner it’s new for me and staying in the woods I don’t often use these highways and inevitable tolls. Up and down the Hudson Valley are tolls as well. Last Friday nite was freezing cold as I solo-camped and woke early Saturday morn to head back to my working spot in the woods. My heart wasn’t quite warmed up until $1.25 in my left hand on the ready to pass over once my turn arrived in the line of cars passing thru the toll booth …. when the lady waved me by as she said ‘the lady in front of you just paid your toll for you. Have a nice day!’ I paused … smiled …. and made a comment of gratitude and thanks.

It warmed my heart and brightened my day …… and made me shed a tear of joy after feeling the kindness humanity offers when you least expect it. I vow to pay it forward as well.


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