I go to Woodstock NY from time to time just to mingle with the locals and wander around the artsy town. I met Daisy and her dog Star on the village green in the middle of town. She was full of smiles, stories, and had a warm nature to her being. She had ‘found’ her boyfriend, Charley (and his dog Bella), while traveling in Ohio about a year ago.She yelled to him from across the road and soon after they hopped a train. They’ve been together ever since. They are both in their mid 20’s. She is the oldest of 3 and often returns to visit w her mom/family. It was their generous nature that caught my attention. There was this other woman playing a flute (she did seem a bit ‘off’ mentally/emotionally) on one of the nearby benches. Charley dug $2 out of his pocket and placed it in her collection jar/hat. I commented on his kindness and he shrugged it off as did Daisy. Full of smiles they both were. He later was showing us a polished agate he had gotten recently. As I admired it (I am a rock lover) he said ‘you can have it.’ His nature was simply infused with kindness and it showed in his actions. 

Daisy pulled out her ‘banjo’ (small model) and started strumming a sweet tune. Another part of their story unfolded. They had been in Texas and had seen a music shop with this instrument in the display window for $300. Charley suggested they make a sign and raise the cash to pay for it. Daisy made one that said ‘Smile, You’re Beautiful!’ and they stood at a street corner and raised the money for the banjo. here again I was touched by their simple life and belief they could manage whatever needs they may have. They were humble.

She said ‘we are Travelers’ and the right things come to us if they are supposed to.

That day I learned something about myself as well. I, too, am a Traveler.



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