Into the wild … heal/learn/grow/expand

Ok so it’s not actually wild nor is it wilderness but it’s certainly into a nature setting until late November. An organization that cares and listens. It’s why this southern nurse is residing in New York. The length I’ll go to which supports me being the best I can be …. and I wanna like my job. I’m called on when the injury is more than can be dealt with on the trail. Field Instructors take students from NYC who go to a school that endorses Expeditionary Learning. Basically if you don’t pay attention to the lesson in the woods which shows you how to use a tarp and later it begins to rain in the night while you’re in your sleeping bag you learn the consequence. That’s one of many situations as others teach team work, leadership skills, and onward. Inner city kids out of their comfort zone for a week at a time offers opportunity to heal/learn/grow/expand. From the inside out. It’s a good idea. Everybody should try it. It’s a choice we all have in life, but being comfortable somehow trumps given the option.


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