peaceful look

I love statues. I love rocks. I’m really impressed with peaceful looking things that stand still. Stillness seems to invite peaceful feelings for me. I guess it’s cause when I’m still inside and my mind is in a still state of being I’m able to experience a type of connection that’s actually always there. In a way my bones are like a statue waiting to take a final form. Someday they’ll stop moving and will stand still.

I collect rocks. A lot of statues are made of some form of rock. Funny that one of the few regrets I have from time to time is that I didn’t collect more rocks from this place or another. That’s a pretty good regret to hold onto. Minor. Resolvable. I try not to regret much. Things I regret that aren’t associated with rocks I”m simply trying to understand better. Cause most of them are just thoughts and they tend to weigh more than any rock I’ve collected.


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