Straight ahead.

This is Mustang Island. Who wouldn’t want to go to a place with such a cool name?! I ended up there while I was doing a travel nurse assignment in San Antonio Texas a few years ago. I decided to take the max amount of time off between assignments which was 3 weeks. I’d come from Reno Nevada, down the California shoreline, and taking a left at LA with a final destination being whatever looked like a good spot on my Google Maps and somewhere ‘near’ San Antonio.  I tend to be the personality type that jumps into a fire first and then thinks ‘is this such a good idea?’. Mustang Island was a place where I ‘jumped’ as I needed to hang out for a week and was running out of money to do so. The camping on the beach was only $10 a night. Perfect!

So there I was … me, my 15 yr old dog Flow, my 6 month old kitten (a bad boy who misbehaved) Hammer, and my 8 year old cat Tenchi (means ‘Angel’ in Japanese and she is one of many angels who accompany me on a regular basis). The beach was beautiful. The next ‘camper’ maybe a mile down the beach. Pretty dunes way behind me. The place was nice as I could keep an eye on Hammer, Mr.’tuxedo’ kitty w black coat and white chest patch. Although he rarely came when I called him I discovered he wouldn’t go far from the truck as the gulls dive bombed him and the newness of the shore kept him close. Tenchi was another story. She was not pleased with this ongoing camping idea and would bury herself in the sleeping bag in the back of the truck but I was concerned as it was rather hot pretty quickly. I decided to splurge and invest in a ‘screened porch’ from the local Walmart for the cats to hang out in. The image on the cover matched what I wanted for my cats. A great idea! The porch was fabulous, initially. Fully equipped with their kitty litter box. Shade. Food and water bowls. Play toys for the wild kitten. Tenchi could feel safe and Hammer was content. Flow was just a good dog as she hung out nearby just watching yet another event unfold.  If I could hear her thoughts they must have been loving and possibly some ‘here we go again’ comments to boot. All was well until I woke in the night with the wind gusting and rain dropping at a horizontal rate. But it was the muffled ‘meow’s’ that got me fully awake. The screened porch had collapsed and my good idea flattened for this late nite gale. I gathered the cats and sopping wet mop of a dog (she was like a small golden mix) and we all ended up together in my sleeping bag made for 2 (humans) in the back of my truck w camper top. Wet and smelling like an animal shelter …. but safe and sound regardless.

I’ll go back someday. Don’t think I’ll take cats with me. I think I’ll have some money in the bank ‘just in case.’ Won’t do the ‘pop up screened in porch.’ However ….. I’ll keep the memory close and return with more wisdom under my belt.


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